The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) announced today (July 25) the Animal Waste Composting Plant is ready to handle the horse stable waste arising from the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Equestrian Events to be held in Hong Kong from August to September 2008. Turning horse waste into useful compost is an important contribution to the environmental commitment of the 2008 Olympic Equestrian Events.

An EPD spokesman said that the Animal Waste Composting Plant, located in Ngau Tam Mei, is designed to treat about 20 tonnes of horse stable waste every day and turn it into useful organic compost suitable for landscaping, horticultural and agricultural uses. The plant adopts a rotary in-vessel composting technology to ensure effective elimination of all harmful pathogens as well as containment and treatment of potentially odorous emissions during the composting process.

“In-vessel composting enables the natural biological degradation of organic materials under controlled aerobic conditions,” he explained.

The total lump sum cost for the design and construction of the plant, including a two-year trial operation, was HK$37 million.

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