Tour of Hong Kong Olympic Village

A tour of the Hong Kong Olympic Village (Royal Park Hotel in Sha Tin) by Olympic Identity Accreditation Card-holding members of the media is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday, July 29) morning, at 11 am.

Only accredited members are to be admitted to the Village, which provides accommodation for the 42 teams expected to compete in next month’s Equestrian Events of the Olympics in Hong Kong.

The Village provides full-fledged facilities for the athletes, from dining to physiotherapy rooms, to meditation rooms for different religions.

A briefing for the Media will be hosted by Mayor of the Village, Ms Elsie Leung and Head of Games Services of the Equestrian Company, Mr Tang Ho-kong.

* Please note: The tour does not include any interviews with any of the teams in the Village.

Media representatives wishing to cover the tour shall assemble at the Flags Plaza of the Village, entrance to which is on Yi Ching Lane, next to the Sha Tin Law Courts Building, tomorrow (Tuesday) by 10.15 am.

Temporary passes will be issued to the media representatives in exchange of their OIAC.

Media representatives need to provide their:
Olympic Identity Accreditation Card (OIAC) Numbers:______________________
Organisations: ____________________________ ,

details of which will need to be faxed to the Equestrian Company at Fax 2947-7209, or by e-mail to by 9 pm today (July 28).

Equestrian security measures solid

The current security measures for the Olympic Equestrian Events are appropriate, Chief Executive Donald Tsang says, adding Police will continue to review the situation and will enhance the arrangements if necessary.

During his visit to the equestrian venues this afternoon, Mr Tsang said the security arrangements for the events are stringent and in line with the Olympic Games’ standard.

A balance is needed between ensuring the games’ safety and minimising the inconvenience caused to spectators, he added.

When asked whether Hong Kong’s hot weather will affect athletes’ and horses’ performance, Mr Tsang said Athens – which hosted the last Olympic Games – also has a hot summer.

He said athletes must prepare for different situations because competitions involve many unexpected factors.

Source: Hong Kong’s Information Services Department