Equestrian Company Chief Executive Officer Lam Woon-kwong said more 300 doctors and 1,000 medical staff will be on hand for the Olympic and Paralympic equestrian events, with an onsite medical team and ambulances standing by during the events – to help both human and animal athletes.

Equestrian events are the one sport that consider horses to be athletes, too.

Speaking on a morning radio talk show today – the day the first batch of 32 of the 300 horses who will participate arrived in Hong Kong – Mr Lam said Police would escort these horses to the Sha Tin stable as soon as possible to ensure they are kept in the best condition.

Mr Lam said 19 ambulances, including ones for horses, will stand by at the Beas River venue where accidents may easily occur in a cross-country test.

He stressed there will be ample security guards, and a closed-circuit television system has been installed at Beas River to ensure staff can be sent instantly to the site of any incidents.

His company will keep in close contact with the Security Bureau and the Police, Mr Lam said, adding arrangements will be adjusted if the risk-assessment alert is upgraded.

He urged audiences to use the shuttle-bus service provided and arrive at competition venues one to two hours in advance. To avoid affecting riders and horses’ performances, people should not use flash when taking photos.

Source: Hong Kong’s Information Services Department

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